Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Roger Friedman wishes you would behave in front of his friends

The Hollywood Reporter's Roger Friedman -- who might or might not have attended, it's unclear -- is a little surprised that Metropolitan Opera fans actually have opinions: "they booed last night at the end of Luc Bondy’s premiere production of Puccini’s 'Tosca.' The stuffed shirts didn’t boo the actors, but the production team — Bondy, et al. So rude! The old guard opera types didn’t like the new, modern production ordered."

Here is why Friedman is incensed: "This was not the night to show off bad behavior to guests in the house — namely a raft of stars and boldfaced names who came to celebrate the opening of the opera season. This group ranged from...Edward Norton to Mischa Barton, Zac Posen." Yes, Mischa, as the very model of decorum, might have been shocked by such raucous conduct. Watch yourselves, opera fans! Crap like that from stuffed shirts like you can really put a damper on an after-party! Also, don't forget to keep buying season tickets, participating in the fundraisers and donating during the broadcasts on your local PBS channel.

Even if the staging is awful.

GIGGLY NEXT DAY UPDATE: Page Six reports that "things were topsy-turvy at the screening of Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A Love Story'....Our spy said, 'Mischa Barton showed up and was asking for tickets. She started walking the red carpet....took one look around and realized she was in the wrong place.' Barton finally ran across the street to attend the Met Opera's opening of 'Tosca.'"

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