Saturday, December 18, 2004

Dinosaur blows smoke up bloggers' skirts

According to today's Page Six, Time magazine managing editor Jim Kelly "said he's a fan of blogs and he named his favorites, including Instapundit, PowerLine, and blogs written by Andrew Sullivan and Joshua Marshall.... 'I read a lot of blogs. And a lot of people who blog are the readers I want....These are people who are skeptical about what they hear and don't buy the conventional wisdom. And that is a big part of what I'm about and what I'd like to think Time is about.'" Yes, who among us can deny that Time is a font of unconventional wisdom and anti-mainstream media. Um, I suspect that Jim Kelly doesn't want these bloggers as readers so much as he wants these bloggers' readers as readers. Because that would truly pump up sales. And then he might not have to rely on stunts like the very lame Time's Person of the Year to garner PR.

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