Thursday, December 30, 2004

Fads and fit

I've read tons about Target and their relationships with designers. But this Mimi Swartz article is different -- she actually goes clothes shopping there and, gasp, tries the stuff on. How does it look? She likes some of it but concludes that "the depressing truism that you get what you pay for is pretty incontestable here." She's let down by poor-quality fabric, untrimmed threads and lack of cut. Which is to say that Isaac Mizhari's designs were probably cool when sketched out but the realities of producing so much so cheaply meant sacrificing the fine details of garment construction.

Of course this is true not only for Target lines, but also for the mid-price lines at nice department stores. You can pay three times Target prices and not see ANY improvement in quality. That's the really depressing truism.

That also may be why so many of my friends prefer to shop Target and Old Navy -- it's the same crap, but at least it's fun and cheap crap!

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