Thursday, December 23, 2004

Rudy: the new Karl Rove?

Was Kerik's resignation really the plan all along? I lost count of how many pundits eagerly pronounced Rudy Giuliani's presidential hopes DOA because of the Kerik scandal. "How could Rudy have been so stupid as to recommend him?" they cried. Hmm. Stupid? Could Rudy -- realizing the full scope of Kerik's troubles -- have recommended him for Homeland Security precisely because he wished to jettison him as both a business partner and future political liability? There were two possibillites: 1) Kerik miraculously survives the sudden scrutiny and becomes Giuliani's handpicked homeland hero or 2) Kerik is so shamed by the inevitable revelations, the nomination is withdrawn and he resigns from the consulting firm. For Giuliani, it was win-win. In EITHER case, Rudy gets rid of a business partner whose personal dirt could ruin his company AND he puts any potential scandal behind him well in advance of the '08 election. I don't think Rudy Giuliani is stupid.

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