Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Curiously, there were no envelopes

How was your People's Choice Awards watching party? Mine was fantastic! And in case you missed it, these were the big winners:

"-- Crest Whitestrips Fans Favorite Smile: Cameron Diaz.

-- Nice 'N Easy Fans Favorite Hair: Faith Hill.

-- Olay Total Effects Fans Favorite Look: Jennifer Aniston"

So seamless, so integral to the content -- it's like you couldn't even tell it's a Procter & Gamble production! And even though they have to admit that the winners are notified in advance, the whole thing was still filled with suspense and genuine excitement. Right?


Katherine said...

I linked to this post today in my celebrity marketing madness post ( I loved your take on this stupid idea.
-- Katherine

Irene Done said...

Katherine: Thanks -- that's really nice of you. Your blog is one of my favorites. (And I enjoyed your AdPulp interview too!)