Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ever wonder what's happening in your own backyard?

Then you must turn to the NYPost. That's who has the potentially big news about Fort Worth's Pier 1: "Board members have held recent discussions about finding a successor to Marvin Girouard, 65, the longtime chairman and chief executive." Is it a pre-buyout move? A buyout-blocking move? The possibilities are endless and interesting because Pier 1 has always seemed like one of those old-school, hometown, home-grown successes where people can actually expect to retire instead of being let go. An outsider probably would change that. And of course, there's still creative up for grabs!

Then again, maybe there are just too many stories for the Dallas Morning News to cover. Things being the way they are, it's going to be an eventful time for many local CEOs. Anyone in account service know Betsy Burton? Start dialing now.

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