Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I was right. Therapy would have been a waste of time.

It's so much cheaper and more fun to read blogs! First, Dan Renzi makes me feel less alone in the world with this Penthouse-letter-for-shoppers opening sentence: "Today I went to Target. I needed dog food and deoderant....I grabbed a cart and proceeded to fill it with $242 of worthless home items."

Then Althouse continues to link to articles that diagnose my true, underlying problems: "The term attention-deficit disorder turns out to be a misnomer. Most people who have it actually have remarkably good attention spans as long as they are doing activities that they enjoy or find stimulating....we should probably be calling the condition something like 'intention-inhibition disorder,' because it is a condition in which one's best intentions — say, reading 50 pages in a dense textbook or writing a 10-page paper in a timely fashion — go awry."

There ya go. A fellow sufferer and a name for my condition, all in one afternoon. I feel better already!

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