Monday, March 06, 2006

Someone out there is having a good time

Sales of superpremium liquor are up and happily my personal purchasing habits are only part of the reason. Admit it. You're going out, getting effervescent and choosing the good stuff too:

"The incidence of people going out for a meal has grown, and the on-premise spirit business has picked up with that -- and at an even more rapid rate,' said Bill Anderson, vice president of sales for privately held Bacardi USA, the No. 3 spirits company. Bacardi has shifted more marketing resources into the now sells about 30% of its total U.S. volume on-premise, with even higher percentages for its top-end brands like Grey Goose vodka, which is closer to 50%."

Oh, those "marketing resources." Coasters? OK. But cute bartenders who use flirting to sell a new gin?

Yeah, that'd be OK too.

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