Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More cowls please

The Dallas Morning News may be right. Michaels may be selling in part because the craft business is slumping and the "celebrity-led knitting craze has leveled off." But isn't there a bigger story here? I mean, if knitting is leveling off, what will happen to my favorite knitting blogs?

The public demands answers!


Amy said...

Ha, thanks for the link!

darkcoffee said...

But scrapbooks are insane right now! A paradigm shift of universe-shaking proportions, admittedly...

SuzanH said...

I KNEW I liked you.

I knit, too.

Of course, I'm stalling. I haven't finished G's sweater that I started 2 YEARS ago (and I'm on the damn SLEEVES) and I finished a really cute hate for her, but somehow mismeasured, and so it fits me.

Damn. Now I have to buy more yarn.

Irene Done said...

Amy -- you're more than welcome. And that pink cowl was really, truly gorgeous.

Darkcoffee -- you're right and that's why knitted scrapbooks should be the next big thing. If Michaels were smart, they'll workshop it and show us all how to make special bonus pages using the petals of silk flowers. Wanna meet at Hobby Lobby to get supplies?

SuzanH -- see, I think knitting blogs are to girls what the sports section is to guys. Only I read both and think knitting blogs are actually funnier and far less predictable. Best of all, everyone seems to confess their own knitting clusters which makes everyone feel tons better. Love that.