Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sometimes, life beyond Target is too hard

When we last saw Isaac Mizrahi, he was groping young actresses, which in Hollywood is evidently only scandalous if you have no intention of eventually offering them important roles. So it was back to Target.

Now Mizrahi wants his own site and I'm beginning to think he might be a complete idiot: "Mizrahi has started work on the prototype for a lifestyle magazine....[and] is treating the magazine primarily as a tool to test the viability of his online concept. 'The reason I am doing it is because it’s a crying shame that of all people, I don’t have a Web site yet, in all these years,' he said. 'What I need, more than anything, is content. I think it’s better to first have a hard copy. If I can actually look at a magazine and turn the pages, then it can be a Web site.'"

Oh there's a crying shame in there somewhere, honey, but it's not what you think. Maybe it's generational. Maybe it's simply personal preference. Still, if you have to touch things to believe they exist, maybe an online enterprise is not for you.


SuzanH said...

He hurts my brain.

Irene Done said...

Mine too! I had to read that quote 5 times before I could make it through without having a seizure. Makes you appreciate how expertly Target must direct him -- because obviously he's not into that whole designer-in-tune-with-youthful-pop-culture-trends thing and because he seems to be just parroting some phrases he overheard in a meeting once.

But I think this might be a new game. Fill in the blanks: "If I can actually (verb) a (noun) and (verb) the (other noun), then it can be a (more random noun)." Try it. It's fun!