Tuesday, March 14, 2006

We're all stocked up here

Tim Pollack won't stand for any of your lame-ass arguments. Sell creative someplace else.


darkcoffee said...

Of course, he's making the assumption that people watch most t.v. ads when they CAN'T fast forward, which I find dubious in itself. I've been mentally fast-forwarding through dumb or stale ads since I was a kid.

The obvious solution seem to me to be to go back to having companies sponsor an entire show like in the 50s and have some of the content be bookended ads in the form of previews or summaries or even, gasp, a host who mentions how he got such a close shave and such pleasant underarm odor.

Irene Done said...

Exactly. Commercials are God's way of telling us to go get a drink. Always have been. I think we are back to the 50s program sponsor. Have you seen Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? It's a Sears show, only the promos aren't limited to bookends. They're lovingly sprinkled throughout.

I don't know if Pollack was being purposely obtuse or not. Just seemed awfully dismissive.

And personally, I cannot WAIT for the day Ryan Seacrest starts talking about his underarm odor.

Anonymous said...

i have a dvr. i fast forward through commercials. and like that article says, i stop and rewind commercials that catch my eye. pollack wants proof...here i am. sometimes i'll watch the commercial several times...especially if there is a good song to go w/ it. i'll also watch the really bad ones over and over and contemplate..."who wrote this script? who hired these actors? what agency is to blame for this shit?" that taco bueno university commercial comes to mind.

the magazine, "fast company" in its 10 yr. anniversay edition stated that advertising creatives may be "obsolete" in 15 years....due to creative hobbyists who create ads and movies of their own and stream on the web. i call bull shit. long live creative people.

Irene Done said...

Long live anonymous commenters!

Anonymous said...

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