Tuesday, January 02, 2007

An acquired taste

So does Alan Richman like the new Gordon Ramsay restaurant or not? How will it affect the new season? And does anyone else -- aside from gossip columnists -- miss Dining Around?

It might be impossibly niche to yearn for the old Food Network shows but I can't help myself. It was, after all, Susan Feniger who taught home cooks everywhere how to flip a pan's contents with the simple, sensible directions: "shove the pan out, towards the camera."


Make the logo bigger said...

I love's Hell's Kitchen because he says 'Stupid Cow' with panache, and a scowl. Can't coach that.

Irene Done said...

Yes "stupid cow" -- one really needs the accent to pull that off. But I love Richman's theory that the restaurant is self-consciously opposite of the Ramsay TV persona. Right before this place opened, Ramsay said in an interview that it was tremendously important to him -- he would only get one shot to have a well-regarded restaurant in the States and he was going to be very involved in it. Endearing! For Ramsay.