Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"I don't know whether I should watch her or pray to her."

Taken in the right spirit -- which is to say, the spirit in which it's intended -- this post and the ensuing comments could do more for a girl's self-image than a world of Dove ads.


Moda di Magno said...

'Reney - you have rendered me speechless. And that's hard to do.

Irene Done said...

I know -- it was an odd observation. Still, those guys were admitting that they were surprisingly attracted to a girl with a big butt. Funny -- Serena IS beautiful but the Dove campaign sometimes seems to imply that women built like her need special self-image counseling. Maybe not. Then again, maybe so when you consider that it's Sharapova who gets the "I feel pretty" TV spot.

HighJive said...

well, it has been observed that different cultures are attracted to different standards of beauty. we should not apply the eurocentric standards to everyone. that, incidentally, is why i've always hated the dove work.

here's an interesting article that came up when googling "black men attracted to big butts"


Irene Done said...

HighJive -- I think you're right about Dove and that you've always made the most compelling criticisms of that campaign. And while I don't want to make more of the NoMas post than it is, that was kind of a diverse group of guys. Which is only one reason why NoMas is one of my favorite blogs.