Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's been forever since we talked about Battlestar Galactica

Since TVTattle made it sound like everybody knew, I followed the link and kept reading past the spoiler alert. I now regret this and strongly recommend you avoid doing the same. Try to find something else to occupy your mind. Here: Six is going to be in Playboy!

Also, have we ever discussed Firefly? Or my theory that NYPDBlue went downhill after Abandando broke it off with Medavoy?


Make the logo bigger said...

NYPDBlue jumped when Sipowicz got a heart. Speaking of Franz with a gun, I miss Beverley Hills Buntz. The single greatest private detective series to never catch on.

Irene Done said...

I was quite a fan of Hill Street Blues but somehow missed BHB. Dang it!

Make the logo bigger said...

Franz was that ethics-challenged detective gone bad. He hung around with that guy Sid Thurston (actor Peter Jurasik) dressed in bad floral shirts, funky hat and white patent leather shoes.

The show may have lasted two episodes, which meant it was too good for TV. (Against the Law with Michael O'Keefe (Caddy Shack's “Hmm, HMMM? How 'bout a Fresca?” Danny) was another that didn’t last. A great law show I thought.

Irene Done said...

Let's add to this list of great shows axed by networks: Wonderfalls. Loved that.

You know what I always found funny about NYPDBlue? The cussing. Because characters (especially Sipowicz) couldn't just out and out say certain words, their language was more creative and therefore more descriptive and almost more offensive. Almost.

Make the logo bigger said...

Never heard of it.

As for NYPDBlue, his language was frackin’ creative for sure.

(To bring it around to the original show topic.)


And recently, FX, specifically, (The Shield and Rescue Me), show how far you can go short of using the F-Bomb.

Irene Done said...

I can't pinpoint when, exactly, Denis Leary became tiresome to me. Probably sometime after he was accused of stealing from other comics.

Wonderfalls was funny -- only a few shows aired but one whole season was filmed (now on DVD). Fake animals (lawn flamingoes, mounted fish) spoke to the main character (a smart but underachieving girl). If that isn't a recipe for comedy, I don't know what is!