Tuesday, January 02, 2007

In the future, everyone will be a film-maker for 15 minutes

Of course! The only thing that can save the movie theater is booze: "The lobby contains a restaurant, a bar, and a book-and-gift shop. Before the movie, people hang out and have a drink.... Is this some sort of upper-bourgeois dream of the great good place? A padded cell for wealthy movie nuts? No, it’s an actual multiplex, the ArcLight, on Sunset Boulevard near Vine. The idea of user-friendly theatres may be catching on." Then again, maybe I skimmed past David Denby's most important points.

My question: is there enough alcohol in the world to get through that new Dakota Fanning film?


Amy said...

God save me from the title of your post. I sat through way too many open reel nights to appreciate that idea.

HighJive said...

there are similar venues in chicago. haven't bothered to check it out though, figuring that given the typical concessions costs, a can of bud light will probably set you back $45.

Make the logo bigger said...

Even if they offered two bottles of Cuervo and a case of Bud, it wouldn’t have been enough to help The Wicker Man with Mr. Cage.