Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How excited am I that Idol is back?



Make the logo bigger said...

Trainwreck TV. Nothing’s better.

Several people have said, (ok, just one, but scale that up to a lot of people and the point is still valid), that they would rather just skip to the final rounds when all the singers are pretty decent.

No, no, no, no...

These first few rounds are gold baby. Gold.

In fact, I think they should do a spin-off series on the run-up to the season. It would be about all the families, friends and co-workers who told the rejects they could sing in the first place.

Irene Done said...

Yes! I'm repulsed yet I cannot turn away. It's like NFL preseason games -- we ease back into the game while getting to laugh at people we'll never, ever see again.

Although, last night, a few of those people had to be doing a bit. The blonde girl who followed the juggling guy? When she said that Ace was her favorite Idol ever -- he wanted to be "my father figure!" -- I realized she was actually making fun of the show. Genius.

And I did cry when that one kid phoned his mom with the news that he had made it.

Moda di Magno said...

A couple of contestants ("superfan" and the boy before her) smelled strongly of "plant, fake, or other character actor" to me. Juggler boys seemed real enough. Can't watch - I get a rash.

Make the logo bigger said...

Gushing contestant: "I just wanna say I lived in a car just like you Jewel."

J: "Yes, but I can sing."

Make the logo bigger said...

Ok, I’m not even through 24 minutes of the show tonight and I just gotta ask:

Wtf is up with Seattle? I’m just curious. One contestant’s mom looked like Joey Ramone in drag.

Irene Done said...

As someone who once lived in Seattle, I have several theories. First: narcotics. It's the drug-takingest city I've ever seen. Second: it can't be healthy to live so long without actual sunlight.

On the upside, Paula seems surprisingly lucid.

Irene Done said...

Also Lori may be right about the plants and fakes. At least I hope she's right. I'd hate to think there are that many people so lacking in self-awareness.

Make the logo bigger said...

I wasn't going to go for the plant theory until tonight's episode. More and more though, I'm leaning towards the dark side on that theory. I can see a conversation like this happening:

"Dude, I TOTALLY dare you to go in there and piss Simon off by singing Mariah. Bring your mom too.”

James-H said...

I agree with the plant theory. And red hair/red shirt guy was a classic EUONYMUS.

Oooo - points for a pun that's also a jab?

Make the logo bigger said...

In a way, the screening process is like talent triage. Those with talent, well, we can save them - they go on to Hollywood.

As for the almost good enoughs? Put a bandage on that thing and try again next year.

The trainwrecks though? There is nothing more we can do. They stay where they are in life and die.