Friday, February 16, 2007

Bill Cosby: the dog world's Susan Lucci?

His terriers never seem to win the big ribbon. It might be just as well. A Cosby victory would only encourage the involvement of more celebrities, who clearly aren't happy unless they're photographed at every single major event in this country. No. With only a smattering of B-listers in attendance, the Westminster Dog Show can retain a slightly nerdy purity that makes for refreshing TV.

Also, I really cannot say enough good things about Pedigree. Their creative remains unchanged and brilliant. (Celebrating the human-dog bond with spots that never show a human-dog embrace? Audacious. Not editing the shot of puppies sniffing each other’s butts? Authentic.) But it’s their whole approach that I liked. This year, it appeared Pedigree used the show to launch a pet adoption drive and committed to match any online Human Society donations made during the broadcast. That’s right. In front of a Madison Square Garden crowd obsessed with AKC registrations and breeding fees, the Pedigree marketing VP championed the cause of the shelter mutt. Talk about spunk. Pedigree seems to get the pet-love thing, don't they? Not everybody does.

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