Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Maybe we should give hockey back to Canada

Can a new ad campaign help the NHL? "Two weeks after the NHL drew an anemic 0.7 rating for its All-Star game, the country's No. 4 sports league is amping up a marketing campaign that attempts not to explain the game or showcase the talents of its players, but rather to show its highest-wattage stars as normal people." Well, luck to 'em. They need it.


Make the logo bigger said...
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Make the logo bigger said...

- Get Candian celebrities behind the sport like the NBA did with U.S. celebs here. (Now, if they'd only just stop dying. Phil Hartman and John Candy, gone. All that leaves is Rush and William Shatner.)

- Start an anti-soccer campaign. You better. The sport is closing the gap with kids. These kids today love their live-action where nobody gets hurt level of violence, so, we bring the Hansons out of retirement to take on the entire US men’s National Soccer Team.

- Take advantage of the YouTube mentality out there and sponsor a MILF contest. (Easy does it. I'm talking Mom I'd Like To Fight contest for soccer moms vs. hockey moms.)


I got a million of 'em people, I really do.

Seriously though? The NHL is missing the net with one key demo:

the fans.

Where are they in all this? Humanizing a superstar player does shit for the fan who had to endure a lockout while players went overseas to make money, or the emphasis other leagues put on fan participation surrounding their promotions and advertising. (NFL Network runs great spots along these lines.)

Put the fan back into the equation if you wanna ‘score.’

Irene Done said...

"Moms I'd Like to Fight" contest -- brilliant.

I had to feel sorry for the NHL during its All-Star week here in Dallas. It was the very same week Parcells announced he was leaving so while we all should have been hearing how human! and likeable! hockey players are, the city was talking only about football.