Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Smells like something's burning

Cheerfully tapping out "joie de vivre" and "high jinks" where other people would simply write "coke habit," Hello! magazine reports that Kate Moss is getting her own fragrance. I know! I can't wait either! And this is amazingly cunning on Coty's part: maybe "Britney Spears' real-life woes are threatening to ruin...her best-selling perfume brand" but with Moss? Nowhere to go but up. In a way.


James-H said...

Can't wait to give my wife the gift of "Scent of a coke-ho" next Christmas. No - "Scent of a bald-beavered trailer-ho" doesn't quite sound appealing either.

When will someone forgivable, like - I dunno, Kirsten Dunst - brand a perfume?

Make the logo bigger said...

Me, I’m waiting for the Crispin Glover skin care line.

Picture him on The View promoting it.

Moda di Magno said...

Hmmmm, Kate Moss by Coty.

Slightly earthy (dirty), musky (sweaty, dirty), exciting (licking the last traces of coke from the mirror) and yet delicate like a flower (

Only $9.99 at all CVS Drugstores.

Irene Done said...

People, people: fragrances are OK and everything but you're simply hopeless if you do not give the gift of Jared jewelry and/or a Lexus.

Have you learned nothing from holiday ad campaigns?