Tuesday, February 06, 2007

But will he send Donald Trump crashing into the Spanish announcers table?

The rivalry with Vince McMahon continues apace and how can you not be entertained? Last night when Mr. McMahon claimed that fans don't want free money -- no, what fans really want is value -- did you not laugh? Just a little? Or were you too horrified by the specter that is Ric Flair?

Oh, and judging only from the advertisers, the RAW audience seems to be obsessed with sex and Skittles. But really: who isn't?


Make the logo bigger said...

I interviewed for a CD spot at WWE once. Say what we will, that guy is a shrewd motherfucker when it comes to promotion and keeping his name out there, just like Trump.

Irene Done said...

There are many things about Vince McMahon that I honestly find admirable. There are also times when I find wrestling to be hilarious. I'm not embarrassed by either of those confessions.

And interviewing at WWE? What we need here are details.

Moda di Magno said...

Irene, I am worried dear. Very worried. How about a nice book?

Irene Done said...

Well, you might have a point. Although I am trying to get through a Marie Antoinette bio at the moment and somehow, having wrestling on in the background seems appropriate.