Monday, February 26, 2007

Thesaurus alert

The NFL is serious about trademarking "the big game" thus making life more difficult for non-official-Super-Bowl-affiliated advertisers everywhere. (Too many hyphens? Sue me!) It's interesting, though, what that league obsesses over and what it doesn't.

You might even say it's rich, since the Super Bowl is itself a stolen name.


James-H said...

Aw. They're football players. It's all about egos and Benjamins and who has control of the ball. Can't blame 'em - we brought 'em up this way. And by we, I mean me: the guy who critiques his 4-year old's spiral.

Irene Done said...

I just wish the league would keep its hands off our treasured and time-honored generic phrases.

Also: it's OK to give a toddler some gentle coaching. It's the fact that you sent him to this year's combine that has me worried.