Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Is it Melinda?

Ryan Seacrest has just promised us the most shocking result ever on Idol and suddenly I'm afraid for my favorite.

7:36: Are you following along with Idolator's live-blog? Best observation so far -- "Ben Stiller's voice: Better than Sanjaya's?"

7:37: Whew! Melinda's safe. Let's celebrate with some Sarah Vaughan!

7:51: Blake's safe. His charm eludes me. Is he not Earl Mott from Ruthless People?

8:35: Idolator thinks that "Kelly Clarkson seems to have gotten dressed somewhere in Boca Raton in 1968." I'm kinda hoping that's a Uli dress, just so all my favorite reality worlds can collide.

8:39: LaKisha's safe. That has to mean Jordin is going home, right?

8:41: Isn't this the song Elliott sang last season? Even if it isn't, I'd rather listen to Elliott than watch this creepy Celine-Elvis duet. Stop re-animating the dead! Just stop!

8:44: Madonna!

8:48: I'm an hour and 48 mintues into this thing and I haven't given into cynicism. I just don't see why Idol Gives Back could be a bad thing. But I am switching back and forth between this and Wednesday Night Fights on ESPN2. You too?

8:53: Annie Lennox: Let's turn back and see if Jason Litzau is up yet.

8:59: If it's Jordin, I swear I am gonna cry big blubbery tears.

9:09: Goddammit! Althouse was right: no one goes home.

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