Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wiki-sex and the single girl

Despite all the carping and criticism, I like the new Monocle. So compact and varnish-free -- I wept for its beauty. Also: quel internationale! If I ever do get around to reading the articles, I think they'll be just great.

In fact, in all the excitement, I had to look up Tyler Brûlé's bio on Wikipedia to learn more. Oh, so much more. After a concise and informative first paragraph, there's a second part that's oddly separated out and given its own subtitle.

Which is "Sexuality."

That's either completely crass or the height of worldly sophistication -- I can't tell. (By way of comparison, Camille Paglia's bio contains no such call-out, although she is described as wearing "pants in a very aggressive way.") When your wiki bio is written -- if it hasn't been already -- will you merit a "Sexuality" subtitle? Why or why not? Please open your blue books and begin.

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