Saturday, April 07, 2007

The rare compliment for a New York baseball team

Doesn't this sound fun: "The Mets created a perfect bridge to the fans for Reyes last season when they came up with the Professor Reyes segment on the leftfield DiamondVision screen. In the show, Reyes picks a Spanish word, such as guapo (handsome) or veloz (fast), and selected fans try to pronounce it, with Reyes critiquing their efforts. It was one of the most popular segments, and Reyes taped new episodes during spring training." Yes, Jose Reyes seems every bit as likeable as a young Tony Perez -- the highest praise I can give to any athlete.

I'd compare the Professor Reyes effort to something the Texas Rangers would do but the Rangers could never be so charming. Best not to speak of the lazy, joyless, unimaginative, cynical advertising coming out of that front office. Well OK. There was that one nice TV spot created by the Richards Group years ago. Remember -- the one with the hotdog vendor? Yeah, the Rangers don't have time for your bridges between players and fans.

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