Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Paging Mr Blamer, Mr Stephen Blamer

It's come to a point where the only commentary I want to read on the Julie Roehm-DraftFCB story would be the honest, unfiltered opinions of Steve Blamer. Where is he? Maybe being paid $7 million for handing everything over to Howard Draft precludes his stepping forward to offer any compelling insight into Draft's very special way of doing business. A huge loss. Imagine: the personal observations about pricey client dinners, the telling little anecdotes about who leaked what to which publications -- all silenced. Now, we're left alone to try to make sense of sentences like this: "Despite the recent turmoil, Bear Stearns analyst Alexia Quadrani still feels DraftFCB is a 'good brand' with a strong leader in Howard Draft."


Anonymous said...

if this is the same Steve Blamer who used to work [cough! cough!] at Grey/LA, no surprising. A slug of the highest caliber.

Anonymous said...

Slug is too kind. One of the biggest no-talents ever to hit advertising. A bully of the highest order. Likes to use the 'might and power of' his title to remind everyone how easy it would be for him to fire you.