Friday, August 15, 2008

I miss Kelli Martin already

Those midwestern girls, huh? Love them. Especially when they bite back. Especially when they go redhead. I think Project Runway is getting predictable in who gets spared and who gets auf'd but at least the judges' very personal criticism of Kelli should make the reunion show loads of fun.


Bring Me Chicken Fried Steak, I said said...

Hey Irene,
I like your blog because you always have sports references in it (plus my wife who works at DDB likes you, for what that's worth.) Quick note: I know that you'll absolutely love having Sean Avery on your hockey team, and in your town. Why anyone hasn't used him for commercials is beyond me. Can you imagine the comments you'd get if you plunked him down in a setting like this: Everyone's all jovial and joking and Avery pulls out a fart machine and a Labatts. Good times. Keep blogging

Irene Done said...

OK, now I'm looking forward to the Sean Avery era. Not since Eddie Belfour threw up in the back of a squad car and walked out of the county lock-up the next morning wearing a FUBU sweatshirt has Dallas had a truly colorful hockey player worth talking about.

And thanks for the kind words -- it actually made my day.