Friday, August 29, 2008

"We view those that cut costs too future road kill for better-positioned retailers"

Things aren't getting any better for Sears. It could be their chairman. Could be their format: "Another key problem is that Sears' strategy - a century-old 'general store' model in which women may find themselves walking past sections full of tools, washers and dryers when they're searching for clothes - is outdated, says Michael Stone, CEO of the Beanstalk Group, a branding and licensing consultant. 'Sears needs to pick its path,' Stone said. 'They can't travel down every road.'"

Looks like it'll be the clothing road because soon, Sears will be at Fashion Week! With LL Cool J and Dr Rey!

The last time I was at Fashion Week, GM sponsored the entire event and, while I haven't done any follow-up checking so I can't be sure, it totally changed everyone's mind about the carmaker and brought about genuine, lasting success. Must have. Didn't it?

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