Friday, August 01, 2008

I would now like to welcome Richie Whitt to my world

Yes, I-30 between Dallas and Arlington is the world's ugliest stretch of highway. It's also been under construction since Nolan Ryan was an active major leaguer. This is what makes the drive to Fort Worth -- or just to Six Flags or a Rangers game -- such a grind. Where you'd gladly drive an equal distance to the minor league park in Frisco or an outlet mall in Allen, the drive along 30 is bleak and soul-draining.

And someone in the Cowboys organization must realize this. Because if you're a season ticket holder who passed on tickets at the new stadium, you got a follow-up survey. Why didn't you renew? Is it the expense? Is it your age? (!) Is it the new location?

Pretty smart on the Cowboys' part. Right now, everyone answers that it's the cost. That's all anyone's dealing with -- now. Next year, when everyone will be bitching about the road construction and the traffic, the Cowboys will point to their consumer research and tell us that, according to their numbers, no one minds the drive. But really? Everyone hates that drive.


Mike Wagner said...

I lived in Dallas from 77 to 81 and a lot of the roads seemed like candidates for "ugliest stretch".

I wondered what the new location would mean for the Cowboys.

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Make the logo bigger said...

Having no experience with the Arlington run, I have though driven past the outside of the current stadium. Talk about bleak and soul-draining.

Irene Done said...

mtlb -- you bring up a good point. It's just a crying shame that the Dallas Cowboys haven't played in the city of Dallas for over 30 years and now, apparently, never will. The new stadium looks like a space ship and I just wish it had been built downtown.

mike wagner -- you should come back just to see what they've done with Central Expressway. Really. Remember how the on-ramps gave you like 10 feet of road to go from 0 to 55? Someone wised up and those are gone now.