Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Watch the breathing"

Keith couldn't have been more loathsome. Lack of empathy, inflated sense of self -- well, no need to continue. We all took Psych 101.

The really interesting thing might be that, after all these Project Runway seasons, people still aspire to be models. Because Project Runway's constant sub-plot is how unglamorous and de-humanizing the modeling profession actually is. Wendy Pepper's model had to make the best of a bottomless swimsuit, at least two women have gotten a steam iron to the crotch, a size-4 model was called "zaftig" and last night, Keith actually told his model to "watch the breathing." It can't be repeated often enough: Project Runway models do not get paid. If they're lucky enough to be paired with a talented designer, their photo might appear in Elle. Then if they work hard, catch a few breaks and go on to acheive great success, they get to marry a guy who looks like this. Really. These are brave, amazing women.

OH! I forgot the funniest moment from last night's show: seeing Laura Bennett seated next to Rachel Zoe. Wasn't it Laura who -- at the depth of despair in the black & white challenge -- wailed that she didn't have it in her to design something for the Olsen twins? Isn't Zoe responsible for that disheveled big-hair-raccoon-eyed-child-body look?

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