Friday, September 26, 2008

I am waiting for knotty pine paneling to make its comeback

If Mad Men can get people thinking about the credenza again, why can't Betty's kitchen at least make knotty pine paneling socially acceptable: "[Production Designer Dan] Bishop is responsible for creating that vibe in the Draper kitchen, Weiner says. 'We talked about knotty pine because we all remembered it.' Mixed with plaid wallpaper? 'When I saw it, I thought it had the perfect match of tradition, taste and a little bit of flair that gave the room at times joy and at times a somberness,' says Weiner."

I'll admit it. I have very happy memories of pine-paneled rooms and I chose my house almost solely because its den has the original knotty pine wainscoting. I kept it! I don't care! Because, to my mind, this is just tragic.


leany said...

Knotty pine is a type of timber frequently used to construct houses with country accents or a rustic or Western theme. The wood is very distinctive because of its large knots, or defects, which make a striking pattern when the wood is used on walls, flooring, or cabinetry. Knotty pine is sold in a variety of forms, ranging from pre-finished tongue and groove pieces for wall paneling to decorative columns and beams.

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James-H said...

Yeah. Sorry. That white paint? Had to be done. For decorum.

For a minute there I was having some sort of Calvin Klein kiddie porn flashback.