Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How's that whole movie investment thing working out for Dove?

There's something pathetic about Meg Ryan dredging up her ex-husband's infidelities in order to promote a very bad movie. And The Women is very bad. Kate Coe has neatly compiled the reviews as well as the problems -- which should have been obvious, I think -- with remaking a classic.

But it's important to remember that this wouldn't be happening if not for Unilever's Dove: "Eventually, [director Diane] English secured $16 million (peanuts for a star-studded feature film) with help from...from Dove, which tied the movie to its global 'Campaign for Real Beauty' promotion."

So. Why does a Dove "Real Beauty" promotional vehicle star a woman who's most famous these days for a weirdly unnatural face? Make sense to you?


Kate Coe said...

Why Dove thought this was a fit for them is beyond me! The big-screen version of Ugly Betty would have been a natural.

Irene Done said...

You're right -- Ugly Betty would have been brilliant.

And thanks for your comments. I really enjoy deepglamour.net