Wednesday, September 17, 2008

"We are not stupid."

Then why does your new website -- aimed at female sports fans -- sound stupid? "The site's content will be organized around newsy blog posts, with regular offerings in the areas of fashion, travel, food, media and 'swags' -- sports wives and girlfriends. It will also feature what [founder Erica] Boeke calls a 'fantasy league lite,' in which participants can accrue points not only by picking winning teams but by correctly answering quiz questions such as 'Will Jessica show up at the Dallas game?' But there will only be so much of that kind of stuff, says Boeke: 'I don't want to be the TMZ of the sports world.'"

I'm a little bored by Boeke's concept and by "how she thinks women prefer to think about sports -- with the emphasis on personality and drama rather than on statistics, records, best-of-all-time lists, etc." I mean, that's a total cliche, right? What's the movie line about liking baseball? And isn't the personal drama thing already the formula for all Olympic coverage?

I'd rather just read Deadspin. But, to be fair, maybe that's because they too dispense with the statistics in order to play up the drama.

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