Tuesday, February 02, 2010

No one in Dallas has seen the NBA All-Star banners

All three are up and nearly complete. The one on the Bank of America building can actually be seen from as far away as Grand Prairie. But because all the banners face west -- to welcome you, I guess, into town as you drive from the actual event 20 miles away in Arlington back to the city for the post-game Diddy & Friends party -- no Dallas resident will ever see them. We'd have to veer way too far out of our M Streets-to-downtown commute. Inconvenient!

And here's a warning: every single inch of I-30 is now an honest-to-God speed trap. From 35 to Cockrell Hill Road to Arlington to Fort Worth. It's been that way for some time now. There's a recession on and those town coffers don't fill themselves now do they?


Zelda Rose said...

I suppose they had to put Dirk on the banners for a Dallas connection but it has to be a bit embarrassing to see yourself that high and know you're just an alternate for the game...

Another reason to avoid Arlington I suppose. Thanks for the tip about the speed traps. I don't take I-30 often, and now I have more reasons not to.

Irene Done said...

Poor Dirk. I thought the same thing.

I-30 IS a dreary drive. And the speed trap just west of 35 is in addition to the construction and confusing HOV lane -- poor out-of-towners.