Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If there's going to be a catfight between Isaac Mizrahi and Tim Gunn, you know whose side I'm on

Trouble at Liz Claiborne! "Mizrahi proved to be an even bigger headache for [CEO Bill] McComb, sources said. In addition to delivering a giant flop with an overly trendy relaunch of Liz Claiborne last spring, Mizrahi complained that Gunn was getting too much attention touring shopping malls and shilling for the label. Gunn was pulled from his circuit, despite having great success with it. But afterward, 'it was like pulling teeth' getting Mizrahi to attend such gigs, one source said."

Probably he knew any public appearance by Tim Gunn would only remind people that Mizrahi's own reality show is such a dud compared to Project Runway. But that's typical Mizrahi: always talking, always wasting everyone's time.

Whereas Tim Gunn is actually worth listening to. He is endearing, provocative, insightful and funny -- everything Mizrahi has been billed as but never really lives up to.


Suzan said...

Thank you. I kept thinking that I was missing something with Mizrahi. Like everyone had some secret gene that made him fabulous.

I'm glad to see that I was NOT mistaken. I used to love Liz Claiborne - great fit, great work clothes - but now I'm having trouble finding anything I like, and end up back at Jones NY and Ralph Lauren. On sale, but still.

Zelda Rose said...

Mizrahi was just jealous that Tim was getting all that attention. He'd DIE if he had to actually deal with the-gasp!-common folk...

Sounds like Liz Claiborne is having serious problems. Oops!

Irene Done said...

Thank you both! I just don't get Mizrahi yet he pops up on TV all the time. It makes me happy someone like Tim Gunn is so popular. Maybe he's the anti-Mizrahi.

But I do hope they can get back on track there at Liz Claiborne.