Tuesday, April 05, 2005

It's a Madden, Madden world

Shoe designer Steve Madden did not do time at Camp Cupcake. But he is in jail and his upcoming release is being touted in a new ad campaign. As if anyone cares. The NYTimes has the story, but check out who they go to for expert perspective: Paul Cappelli of Ad Store. Remember him? His agency created the GoDaddy.com Super Bowl spots, the ones featuring "a beautiful woman with a nice ample chest." (In the spot, she's even given the name of Nikki Cappelli, Paul's teenage daughter. Ick.) When Fox declined to air one of the spots, it was Cappelli who made the uproariously self-important claim that he was being censored.

This is Cappelli on the Madden ads: "'I could see myself suggesting something like this to a client,' Mr. Cappelli said, 'that instead of ignoring the 5,000-pound elephant in the corner, you might as well bring it out into the open and make hay of it.'"

Paul Cappelli is doing a bit, right? He's just riffing on advertising stereotypes, isn't he? And The Times is just playing a joke, winking and nodding and pretending not to notice the self-promotion or the slaughtered metaphor, right? Right?

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