Monday, April 04, 2005

Re-habbing Halliburton

You've been accused of improper billing, sued in US District Court and your company name has become shorthand for profiteering warmongering. What should you do? Halliburton is launching TV and print ads. It's a campaign to rally the faithful, not convert critics: "'Our core audiences—employees, shareholders, vendors and customers—proved their support of the company last year, in a very difficult environment,' said company representative Beverly Scippa. 'These ads should confirm their endorsement'....While the spots do not focus exclusively on workers in Iraq, they do promote 'thousands of Halliburton employees who every day go places no one else will go and do things no one else can do,' company president, CEO and chairman Dave Lesar said in a statement." And they're using The Richards Group, just about the only agency I'd trust for such an assignment.

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