Monday, April 11, 2005

Paul Cappelli: The only ad man ever, anywhere

In a story about the Vegas tourism campaign, USAToday quotes everyone's favorite full-of-himself ad guy Paul Cappelli. As usual, Cappelli has no special insight nor did he create the likeable ads, but never mind that. It's clear that now, having used the controversy to get on every business writer's contact list, he's going to appear in every ad-related article everywhere, everytime. Because dammit, someone has to be the next Donny Deutsch.


caff said...

hahahah that's very funny!

paul cappelli said...

That WAS very funny. I can't believe you know me so well. Thanks for the ink!
And who's Donny Deutsch???

Anonymous said...

You're totally right. After creating an ad for that was an undeniable hit on the Super Bowl, Cappelli should turn down any interview requests and definitely not promote his client or his agency.