Thursday, October 13, 2005

Rapp, huh?

There was a time in this city when you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting 4 or 5 Brinker concept restaurants. That has changed. Now, Brinker = Chili's. There are other, minor brands and it's these accounts that Brinker just handed to Rapp for "a new marketing program...that drops television advertising and relies on direct marketing." I smell coupons!

Chili's -- which generates 74% of Brinker's profit -- will apparently remain at GSD&M. And apparently not drop TV.


darkcoffee said...

Has the concept restaurant craze passed? Up here in upper nosebleed exurbia, the Parker/Central Expressway concept paradise is starting to look a little run-down and old fashioned. Bequeathed furniture. Chiles is crazy crowded, though. (I am attracted to the little blinky pagers, so I'm forced by genetics to eat there.) Maybe people caught on that it's the same food no matter where you go -- with more or less spray on cooking oil to make it shiny -- so you might as well go where the television tells you.

Irene Done said...

"You might as well go where the television tells you."

Have truer words ever been uttered? I think not. Thank you, darkcoffee! Meet me at Abuelo's -- you know, north of BJ's, next to Carraba's across from Posados -- and I'll buy you a drink. Maybe two.

darkcoffee said...

Sure. I'll be the guy in the khakis and polo shirt. Wait, that might not be enough information.

Abuelo's is pretty funny with the crumbling adobe veneer. I tried to chip if off some more once -- figured that would add to the character -- but it was like some sort of polyurethane shellac. Who would have thought such a substance was first discovered in ancient Mexico?