Tuesday, October 25, 2005

WalMart's big, squishy group hug

H. Lee Scott will save the environment. Someone actually used "WalMart" and "chic" in the same sentence. And there's a new employee health plan.

It's not winning you over, is it?

Maybe it's not meant to. It's hard to tell if WalMart is seriously pursuing more upscale and urban shoppers or simply encouraging current shoppers to spend more per visit. After all the new clothes -- which are not Camilla chic, just "cheap chic" -- are aimed at this audience: "we're hoping to help a segment that's already shopping at our stores but wasn't necessarily finding what was essential to them." And if they can make those same shoppers forget about any controversy, all the better. I mean, there are 500 more stores to build.


Swedish Girl said...

Yikes, what is it about retail outlets and fashion? It's happening over in the UK as well: Asda, Primark... places where only grannies in search of discount bags of frozen chips used to venture! Now, all my chic friends seem to suffer from "Primark tourettes" - you can't compliment anything they're wearing without them telling you proudly that it only cost a fiver in Primark...!

darkcoffee said...

I have the ultimate non-answerable low-rent fashion item -- a tooled suede jacket I bought in a thrift store in Hemmett, California -- the official last effing place on earth. AND I suspect it originally came from the Wal-mart in San Bernardino. Hardly ever wear the thing out. I'm afraid it might rain.