Friday, April 28, 2006

How we know what we know

As everyone fumbles with their buttons and zippers on the way to a big Interpublic inter-agency coupling, a few leaders set an interesting example for the rest of the office: "The executives spoke on the condition they not be identified because they were discussing internal matters that they were not authorized to talk about publicly."

First, remember that the next time client confidentiality comes up.

Second, let's see if we can guess who the Chatty Cathy is. "One issue that could prove a problem to a union of Draft and Foote Cone...would be who would serve as chief executive. Both Mr. Blamer, 50, and Mr. Draft, 52, are strong-minded, take-charge types of leaders who are loath to serve in secondary positions. Indeed, Mr. Blamer's desire to become a chief executive of a major agency led to his leaving Grey Worldwide, where he ran the North American operation, to join Foote Cone....Mr. Blamer, in his staff memo, reacted strongly to a suggestion in the report that Foote Cone would be taken over by Draft. 'Please understand that if we are to do anything of this sort it will be a merger of equals,' Mr. Blamer wrote."

Hmm. Seems like we know a lot about Mr. Blamer and his desires all of sudden. Wonder how?

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