Sunday, May 20, 2007

Finding an acceptable coolness-to-glitch ratio

Panic? "Steve Jobs, already forced to tweak the debut of the much-anticipated iPhone from its expected June 11 launch date to a 'late June' debut, is believed to be cracking the whip and having the super-phone tested and re-tested to make sure it arrives without any bugs....the iPhone could rack up sales of up to 10 million units in its first year. If a bug, however, should appear - say a battery that doesn't deliver the expected staying power - then Jobs and Apple stand to suffer the largest black eye in recent memory."

Relax? "Despite his expectations of some bugs in the iPhone, Jade feels Apple's next wonder gadget will be a super success."

Or worship: "Much like the Western calendar marks time from before and after Jesus Christ...I am certain that the mobile telecoms world will count its time in two Eras. The Era BI: time Before the iPhone, and the ERA AI: time After the iPhone."



SuzanH said...


Glad to keep stopping by. You always have so many interesting things going on.

I totally NEED the iPhone. NEED IT. Even though I can barely manage to use my regular cell or keep it charged. Still. NEED iPHONE! Must get job! Must sell kidney!

It's all manners of coolness.

James-H said...

All this build-up reminds me of Y2K. Remmember how we all sat at home with a shotgun in our laps waiting to see if the security system would go down? Checking our bank accounts every five minutes to make sure all the money wasn't being drained by some phanton decimal point? Secretly hoping maybe we'd lose a couple years in our asses and beer-bellies?


Bi and Ai is just silly.
There will BE NO Bi. iPhone will magically wipe history clean. Politicians everywhere are banking on it.

Make the logo bigger said...

And some tech whiz in Prague just Googled this thread and is now working on the BiPhone for the gay community. He will work non-stop for a month, offer an IPO, and by September, be earning 12% on thre billion while chilling at Cannes.

I hate Blogger. This is what happens when comments are allowed.

Irene Done said...

SuzanH -- I didn't think there was a person in this world whose lack of cellphone mastery mirrored my own. Thank you! (Weeping) Thank you so much!

James -- "we all sat at home with a shotgun in our laps" Throw in a bottle of Weller and that's my typical after-work routine. How'd you know?

MTLB -- The "BiPhone for the gay community" seals it: this is the funniest collection of comments ever recorded here.