Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Be honest. When you read today's Rush & Molloy -- the part where "Brooke Shields, the new spokeswoman for Tupperware's Chain of Confidence campaign (aimed at fostering female friendships), sent a bag of the burping plastic bowls to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes" -- you couldn't go on until you learned more.

Me too!

Strangely, though, the Chain of Confidence site isn't too helpful. There's lots to read but I can't seem to find the part that explains what is actually going on. Tupperware somehow supports Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Somehow, being a Tupperware saleswoman can give you confidence. Somehow, Brooke Shields approves. Other than that, I'm stumped. I don't even know if I should "Purchase a Tupperware Commuter Mug to continue to foster positive connection between young women."

Oh wait -- it's an online community! And Brooke Shields really will throw a Tupperware party. Well, OK then. I already feel more confident just for figuring that out. Now, I can't wait to hear what Katie stores in her new bowls.

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