Monday, May 14, 2007

Meet AJ Khubani

He's the man who sold you the "mini-stairs that allow old or obese pets to climb onto the sofa ($30 million in sales to date), a credit-card-size magnifier-flashlight for aging eyes ($30 million), a bright-lights-and-goo tooth-whitening system ($40 million), a seamless torso girdle ($20 million), and a whirring implement that promises salon-style manicures at home ($30 million)." And he might be my new hero. Look, any man who can amass millions from canvassing mall kiosks -- and then worry that this new wealth might be damaging his judgment -- is someone worth paying attention to.

The real gold in this story, though, is right there in the beginning. It's Khubani's secret formula for infomercial success and it goes like this: "present the problem, repeat the horrible facts, gross people out, get their attention, and then say here’s a simple solution."

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AJ said...

Thanks for giving an overview of this successful entrepreneur. Reading about AJ Khubani's educational background and how he started his business may inspire others to emulate the drive needed to start and maintain a business of his/her own.