Friday, May 11, 2007

Tastemaker, laundress: same thing

I picked up the June House & Garden for its exclusive, exhaustive list of New Tastemakers and was devastated to learn I was not on it. So unfair. But there on page 147 is Roberta Armani, "brand ambassador for her uncle Giorgio's global design empire." How does she define brand ambassador? "'I always say that my main function is to be Armani, wherever I happen to be. At every moment of my life I must be up to the task of representing everything my uncle has created.'" I'm sure she's aided in this by her strong sense of self. Also, I'm kinda glad my uncle's a butcher.

Still, Armani is featured in the category of "Design Marketing" so let's examine her special genius: "'I had the honor of preparing Tom's and Katie's outfits and those of their splendid family,' Armani says with a deference appropriate for her role." Oh. Say, that is a talent. Now she can do the same for Beyonce. And this time, it really will be an honor.

ADDED: As for that enthusiastic little blurb about Pinkberry on page 86? You might want to skip past that.


Make the logo bigger said...

Would love to see what she could when when Billy Joel's pyscho ex- Christy remarries. I’m thinking something teal with fins, kind of a 50's throwback thing.

Irene Done said...

See, you read "preparing" their outfits as "designing" and I interpreted it to mean that she basically ironed some freebie clothes for famous people and their hangers-on. It was stated in the vaguest possible terms, wasn't it? But she's a tastemaker!

But "something teal with fins" sounds divine. I'd pay to see it.