Friday, May 04, 2007


Holiday magazine -- you know, in their July 1959 issue -- bestowed a coveted Restaurant Award to Trader Vic's San Francisco for its "wonderful South Seas food and drink" and I've been meaning to go ever since. Good news! Now I don't have to leave my neighborhood because the Dallas Trader Vic's has opened. Or rather, re-opened.

Oddly, tiki is one form of nostalgia that I'm immune to but maybe not for long. I mean, doesn't this look like fun? And if there really are Gilligan's Island re-runs on a loop in the bar, I'm in.


James-H said...

I wish there wasn't such unspoken pressure to drink cocktails spiked with Malibu and Kahlua. I know my way around a chick-drink every now and then, but WTF?

Make the logo bigger said...

For the record, and I know nobody asked, but...


There. I said it.

Irene Done said...

I'm not sure but I think the "unspoken pressure," if it were spoken, would say: "Please sir buy the over-mixed chick-drink with the chrysanthemum and the umbrella and the souvenir glass. It is the only way we make a profit here."

And one for Ginger? Duly noted.

Make the logo bigger said...

And how would I explain the Ginger-Mary Ann tiki-bar relationship you may ask yet again?

Mary Ann's the cute little waitress you sneek a peek at after she brings me and Ginger our drinks.

But I'm still going home with Ginger.

Irene Done said...

That almost makes me feel sorry for poor little Mary Ann. I'm telling ya: working girls have it tough.