Friday, December 14, 2007

10,000 cups of cocoa?

From today's Rush & Molloy: "They'll give away 10,000 cups of cocoa and doughnuts as well as Santa hats and snow globes at Bryant Park Tuesday as part of the festivities marking the DVD release of 'The Simpsons Movie' — and the Empire State Building will glow yellow." Well, that's just fine and good for New York City but what about the Wal-Mart out on Central? That's where the true movie aficionado goes every Tuesday morning.

Because the temporary Kwik-E-Marts seem so far in the past now, I had to go back and look up how the movie did in theaters. Looks like: pretty good. "[O]perating income...rose 23 percent, to $1.05 billion. The News Corporation credited the gains to strong box-office results from 'The Simpsons Movie' and 'Live Free or Die Hard.'" And pretty good for their promotional partners: "Burger King said comparable sales in the United States and Canada were driven by its tie-in with 'The Simpsons Movie,' which promoted the Ultimate Double Whopper sandwich and higher sales of 'indulgent products,' such as the BBQ Bacon Tendercrisp chicken sandwich."

But will free doughnuts help sell the DVD? Reviews are so-so. And DVD sales are so-so too.


Make the logo bigger said...
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Make the logo bigger said...

I’ll have you know, I said I’ll have you know, when we were in the neighborhood last August, we drove around Arlington looking for the one of only 12 Kwik-E-Marts supposedly done up like that, and when we found what we thought was one, (*breathes in*), the manager said they took everything down already, having only kept it up a week.

I think he was lying.

Irene Done said...

Oh no -- I think I know the Kwik-E-Mart you're talking about. I mean, it's right off 30 and it's really named that. They are definitely not tied to the Simpsons Movie. And sorry about Arlington. Of all the Dallas exurbs, that could be my least favorite.

The only 7-11/Kwik-E-Mart I know of around here was in Dallas, north of downtown. It was packed every day during the promotion.

Make the logo bigger said...

North Dallas? Uh, yeah, that’s what I meant. Your state’s too big.