Friday, December 14, 2007

Good tidings

Is it wrong to describe a Nativity scene as being the cutest little thing in the world? Because that's what this Alessi set is. Most Nativities go for solemnity—appropriate—or simple, traditional beauty—understandable—but I've never seen one that so instantly conveys joy. And with small touches like Mary's heart, it seems surprisingly reverential.


Suniverse said...

Not being christian, you'd think I'd have nothing to say about Nativity scenes, and yet:

*In college, a friend and I lay (laid?) down in a nativity scene on the way home from the bar. It was cold. We were in miniskirts. The lights were WARM. Go Jesus!

*We have my in-laws' nativity scene (solemn) and every year, I have to put it out. And every year, I have to ask my husband where stuff goes. And who is who.

* This is the ugliest nativity ever. It is an inflatable nativity and it is in my neighborhood. It is the anti-Alessi.

Irene Done said...

The inflatable Nativity -- wouldn't you feel odd leaving it un-inflated during the day?

But I love the thought of a family driving around looking at Christmas decorations and the mother turns to her children and says, "Look! There's Mary, Joseph, the three wise men and the two drunk college girls. Hunh. Maybe their Bible is a newer translation."