Monday, December 10, 2007

Something that's been bothering me

I've been so busy passing the cheer, I haven't had a chance to check: anyone else watch that Starbucks spot and think: Timothy Treadwell? Are we meant to think about Treadwell? If so, are we still supposed to hug the bear? Is this some sort of a cheer challenge— a "love thy enemy" lesson? Or should we just be distracted by the bunny and not think about all that? Confusing!


HighJive said...

Well, I didn’t think of Treadwell, but only because I never heard of him. But I did think of all those stories in Reader’s Digest about people attacked by wild bears. Had similar reactions with the other spot starring the buck on a ski lift. How many people have been killed by deer? I’m not kidding. Do a google search. It’s not safe or sane to approach wild animals. And it’s even worse to offer them steaming hot, caffeine-loaded beverages.

Irene Done said...

Yes! Caffeinated wild animals is a very bad idea, holiday or no. Seriously -- I'm glad someone else had the same impression I did. I get that it's all supposed to be whimsical. Still.

If you ever saw those Discovery documentaries about Treadwell, you'd never forget the guy. He was so over the top. I'm not sure but I think when the bears killed him and ate him, his camera was still rolling and caught audio of the attack.

Make the logo bigger said...
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Make the logo bigger said...

“Caffeinated wild animals is a very bad idea, holiday or no.”

But, in these litigious times, a lawyer would probably take up the case of the deer in suing Starbucks, claiming that the cups should’ve provided ample caffeination warnings.