Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas, the Katharine Hepburn way

If office parties were ever remotely similar to this, I'd go. As it is, I'm just glad family gatherings aren't like this.


Make the logo bigger said...

But, but, you almost had the straight flush of blog posts starting with ‘Q’ the entire week. VERY disappointed you didn’t see it through. At a time of year when I need hope the most, this did not help me at all.

Irene Done said...

Q: How bad do I feel right now?

A: REALLY bad. I didn't think anyone was noticing. And I despaired of ever being hired as history's oldest editorial assistant at House Beautiful. Now I've lost you too? How to make it up to you? Yes, here we go. My holiday words of wisdom, just for you: never sing a duet with a young Englishman. You'll never work again.

Ad Broad, oldest working writer in advertising said...

Well, being new to NotBillable, so not primed for Qs as was MTLB, I am suffused with hope by this glimpse of K. Hepburn in her marvelous prime. Thanks for it, Irene. And for kind words. I've bookmarked you, Template Twin.