Thursday, February 24, 2005

And Parker Posey added what exactly?

Except for a pointless appearance by the indie actress, last night's Project Runway conclusion was perfectly entertaining. Jay won with a collection that I didn't think I'd like at first, then really loved. Completely. Kara said her collection was "aviation meets technology" and that it was very "today" when in fact she had only emptied out Jean Harlowe's closet. And Wendy Pepper is already putting her designs up for sale.

Last night further convinced me that the producers had a deal with Wendy Pepper -- protection in exchange for drama. She obviously delivered the conflict and confrontations ("You f---ing hated Kevin!" is a particularly delicious example). I wonder if the producers also thought her older, suburban mom image and her modest, more wearable designs would have a greater mass appeal than any other designer.

A wonderful ending to a show that celebrated talent and intelligence and even, in the end, niceness. Congratulations Jay!

Much more cussing and discussing here.

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